The Green Factory: horticulture without the hassle

If your Philodendron is looking forlorn, your English Ivy faint or your Peace Lily is about to give up the ghost, don’t despair as The Green Factory has the perfect solution for city dwellers like you!

OAS1S: the no. 1 Green Architecture

Treescrapers and tree house are the next step in sustainable housing. Looking for an alternative in your city? Meet with Raimond de Hullu, founder of OAS1S and plan your next habitat!

To Cleaner Oceans And Beyond

Mention paradise and most people think of crystal clear waters, but look more widely and you will find that the oceans are full of litter. Thankfully, The OceanCleanUp, Parley for the Oceans and The Seabin Project have started a battle to save the oceans.

How charitable are you during the festive season?

How charitable are you during the festive season? Let’s take a closer look at the charity work and a photography exhibition in support of Rwanda kids. Cheer for a good cause!

A Green Christmas: Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Wishing for a greener Christmas this year? Get a pen and paper as we have compiled a list of green gifts perfect for many personality types, from the cooking enthusiast to the gardener to the fashion-forward thinker!