The Countdown to Fashion Week – According to the Industry’s Fastest Moving Start-Ups

Find yourself counting the hours to the upcoming London and Paris Fashion Week? You are not alone! Check out what fashion start-ups are preparing for ahead of THE events of the season.


Top 10 fashionable characters from movies

We all have our favourite movies and characters that in one way or another reflect who we are or who we would love to be. So, we invite you to get and see if you agree with our ten most stylish characters from films in the past three decades.


To Cleaner Oceans And Beyond

Mention paradise and most people think of crystal clear waters, but look more widely and you will find that the oceans are full of litter. Thankfully, The OceanCleanUp, Parley for the Oceans and The Seabin Project have started a battle to save the oceans.

Accessories & Luxury goods

Best Luxury Fashion Accessories on the Market

Do you know what the best accessories on the market are just now? Here is a look at some stunning luxury accessories and how to utilise them so that your appearance really pops.

Eco Fashion

A Fashionable Way to Tackle Climate Change

Hands up for the historic agreement reached at the Climate Conference in Paris where recycling is finally on the agenda. In light of this, the upcycling design initiative “auferstanden” is paving the way to contribute to achieving the climate targets in a fashionable way.


K-Beauty: the future of skin care

We were at the “K-Beauty Close-up” by ARTISTRY to learn on future skin care innovations, get the latest R&D developments and all the necessary K-nowledge for our skin!

The Arts

The many faces of Ebola: A morning with Tim Benson

We get a sneak peak of the latest project from award-winning portrait artist Tim Benson on Ebola in Sierra Leone – an understanding of a human problem through Tim’s own interpretation of stigmatisation and the stories of those who survived the disease.

La Cuisine

Fraud, Crisis and Seafood

The world is in a seafood crisis. How will fish fraud, prices, shortages and possible disappearance affect restaurants and restaurant goers? A restaurant’s worst nightmare? Find out what’s at stake and who may benefit from it.

Music & Theatre

How to become a good DJ

Thinking of a career path as a DJ? We sit down with a few DJs in Italy who share their passion, knowledge and great tips for those who are ready to mix to the next level!

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