30 under 30 social entrepreneurs

30 Under 30 to change the world

We talk to three prodigies that belong to the Forbes 30 Under 30 force – the 30 most talented people under the age of 30 – and look at the amazing work and accomplishments achieved in their young lives. Get inspired with their stories!


Aloha from Deer

Stay a kid – Aloha from Deer

Be unique. Stay unique! This is the motto of Aloha from Deer, an independent fashion brand from Poland which is capturing the attention of youngsters and wanna be youngsters with their bold and expressive patterns!


Yoga for Kids

The Future In The Hands Of Child Yogis

Did you know that children who attend yoga classes have a greater self-worth, imagination, well-being and hold an enhanced understanding of the world around them? An expert tell us all about yoga for kids.

Accessories & Luxury goods


Russian Entrepreneur and “Made in Italy”

We talk to Svetlana Taccori, the mastermind behind “Tak.Ori Made in Italy”, the cosiest, softest and most colourful emerging brand of hats, complemented by scarves, hand muffs and sweaters. Don’t miss it!

Eco Fashion

ethical fashion forum

Sustainable Fashion: From Niche to Necessity

Have you questioned the current fashion industry practices and what this means for our future generations? Sustainable fashion and ethical business models are moving from a niche to a necessity.



Abahna: Tales from the Far East for Bathtime

A story that began during a holiday to the Far East? Ed and Claire Croft, founders of Abahna,a luxury bath and spa range, tell us in an exclusive interview all about these fantastic products, the concept, rationale and emotional story behind it!

The Arts

Kora Vanderlip

Kora Vanderlip: The Budding Filmmaker

Meet Kora Vanderlip, a budding filmmaker awarded and nominated for several prizes. Her films, which focus on the setting’s atmosphere and the character’s emotion, have been screened at festivals around the world. Discover her work!

La Cuisine

Kids Chef

Creative Cooking Concepts for Any Age

We recently talked to Kid Chef Eliana, a prodigy in the culinary world who walked us though her cooking, creativity, and advice on learning to cook. A must read for all those youngsters aspiring to be future Chefs.

Music & Theatre

Unicorn Theatre London

Enter the Youngsters

We look into the work of the Unicorn Theatre that has taken up the challenge of making high-quality productions bringing children and teenagers to the centre of the creative and production process. Bravo!

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