Bata Shoe Museum

Looks that Could Kill

As one reflects on the perilous decisions made by the trendsetters of the 19th century, there are some eerie and foreboding similarities to our current consumer-fuelled thirst for fast fashion and killer looks. Time to re-evaluate?


Mon Passage Clothes

Mon Passage, Vintage Clothes

Meet Glenda and Denise, founders of the online clothing store Mon Passage showcasing limited edition items and unique pieces, rediscovered from the past or designed by young talents and emerging designers.


Speakeasy San Francisco

The Speakeasy’s Theatrical Comeback in SF

The new throwback trend is making its way to San Francisco’s cocktail hour hotspots with its retro setting taking us back to the speakeasy era where secrecy and back room gambling were all part of the theatrical scene.

Accessories & Luxury goods


Russian Entrepreneur and “Made in Italy”

We talk to Svetlana Taccori, the mastermind behind “Tak.Ori Made in Italy”, the cosiest, softest and most colourful emerging brand of hats, complemented by scarves, hand muffs and sweaters. Don’t miss it!

Eco Fashion

ethical fashion forum

Sustainable Fashion: From Niche to Necessity

Have you questioned the current fashion industry practices and what this means for our future generations? Sustainable fashion and ethical business models are moving from a niche to a necessity.



Abahna: Tales from the Far East for Bathtime

A story that began during a holiday to the Far East? Ed and Claire Croft, founders of Abahna,a luxury bath and spa range, tell us in an exclusive interview all about these fantastic products, the concept, rationale and emotional story behind it!

The Arts

dennis hopper the lost album

Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album Exhibition

We take a closer look at Hopper’s photos from the 1960s and how attitudes are reflected in the dress and demeanor of his subjects, both posing and shot candidly in Harlem and the West Coast of America.

La Cuisine

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Recipes lost in time: The Colonial Café

Discover the complex and rich history encapsulated in the Colonial Café at the Majestic Hotel in KL, highlighting the blend of old British flavours and traditional Hainanese recipes handed down through the generations.

Music & Theatre

90s Nostalgia

90’s Nostalgia Through Internet Lens

Were you and are you still a 90’s Kid? As Generation Z remind us, it seems as though the 90’s are more relevant than ever. Let’s have a closer look at this not so distant decade filled of nostalgia that has stuck!

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