National Gardens Sheme

Garden Colour: It’s more than just Flowers

Dreaming of year-round colour in your garden? Roses bloom only in summer and violets in spring but don’t worry we have a solution for every season, from the first design to successive replanting!


Sandra Weil Couture

Sandra Weil: Hello Summer

We all know it’s irresistible to run your fingers through a clothes rack as you browse your favourite store. Sandra Weil tells us about her use of texture combined with colour and print to capture your imagination.


erika lemay

Meditation: Happier, Wiser, Younger and Thinner?

Happier, Wiser, Younger And Thinner? If you thought meditation was purely for monks, think again as its benefits are captivating the minds and time of the business folks out there. Let’s meditate…

Accessories & Luxury goods


Pearl-Lang: An Elegant Affair

With a passion for jewellery and the nature’s only organic gem – the pearl, Lulu Tyers, Founder of Pearl-Lang, introduces us to her luxury pearl jewellery brand and sophisticated style.

Eco Fashion

Smoke & Mirror

Smoke & Mirror

A popular source of inspiration for Western brands are the trends that drive Asian style. So we explore the creative minds behind Smoke & Mirror to discuss Japanese style, European quality and how the two have merged.


Acupuncture Master

Get To The Point

Who, why and for what reason would anyone want to have needles stuck into their bodies in the name of ‘me-time’? Let’s discover Acupuncture!

The Arts

colouring books for adults

Colouring Books: Not just a child’s play

Stay inside the lines! We explore the physical and mental benefits of adult colouring with some sharp pencils such as Johanna Basford.

La Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine: Taste the Rainbow

Who said Chinese cuisine couldn’t stimulate your senses and imagination? Green, orange, yellow, red, beige and even black dumplings and colourful soymilk drinks are colouring the palates of Chinese food lovers.

Music & Theatre


The Efthymiou sisters

Don’t miss this exclusive interview with award-winning composers Litha and Effy Efthymiou, who tell us about their recent sell-out work, Parting, and the contemporary art music scene where they are fast becoming names to watch.